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Helping startups since 2016!

Why StartUps? 


StartUps are fun and exciting!  So do what you love! 

We enable you to focus on what you do best - running and growing your business. Let us seamlessly manage the financial details.


StartUps Matter.

Isn't it about time that business providers cater directly to startup companies?  Per the US Census, businesses with 20 or fewer employees make up 89.7% of all employer firms in the US.  We are "all in" on this underserved market. 

We partner Early.

It is important for us to partner with your startup in the early stages, where everything is challenging. Getting your team through the difficult stages forms a lasting bond, where we are a partner to your success. Our team loves to solve challenges - where the "hard" makes it great.  


Why Us?


We are Specialists and Love what we do.

We specialize in Startups, period.  We believe specialization is critical to the success of any business, and we are experts in helping you manage your fiscal matters.  We provide the tools and information to help your business make the best financial decisions possible.  


The corporate world can be rigid and boring.  The excitement generated by your startup is why we look forward to going to (what some people call) "work" every day.


We're a Partner, not a Service provider.

We pride ourselves as being a partner.  As opposed to providing numerous service offerings, we only focus on maximizing your startup's performance.  Your success is our success.



We are experts.  Our team members have an average of 20 years of financial leadership experience, worked in numerous startup & IPO environments, in multiple industries, and many have also started their own companies.  


We are a trusted advisor that also partners with the best-specialized firms.  We can keep your costs predictable while referring you to the best experts for legal, audit, insurance, and other critical needs.  We understand the need and timing for these services, and refer you to trusted partners that pass savings along to you.


Our Vision

Disrupt the Finance Function

Accessible & Affordable Finance: Strategic & Tactical at the earliest startup stages

Our Mission

Inform & Empower Entrepreneurs

Providing the most relevant, timely, and accurate information to enable informed decisions

CFO for Startups

Core Values


We act under the highest moral standards and insist on always being honest and upfront with our clients and associated business partners (vendors, investors, regulatory bodies, etc).  We adhere to the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct.

Trusted Advisor

Our goal is to become a long-term advisor to our clients. Relationships are key to the success of any business.  We also work closely with other specialized firms (legal, insurance, audit, taxes, 409A) but do not obtain commissions for referrals.  Additionally, all your company details are always kept confidential.


Our Transaction Center is based in the US and has dedicated staff for your account.  

Value Creation

"ACV" or Always Create Value.  Our depth of knowledge and experience in multiple industries and company sizes provides a powerful baseline to draw from.  We provide efficient solutions and avoid common pitfalls.

Strategic Advisor

Cost management is only one main component of our services.  Having an impact on business strategy, operating model optimization, risk management, and other business initiatives is increasingly demanded by Boards and CEO's.

Forward Thinking

It is critical to balance your current needs while also having a focus on the future.  We have the experience and vision to help guide you through scaling operations to meet growth.

Mentoring & Office Hours

Our CFO's understand how difficult it is to get started. To keep the startup community vibrant and healthy it is important for us to give back through mentoring, office hours, and periodic free events.  

Venture Cafe
MIT Enterprise Forum
Entreprenuership at Cornell University
Mass Biotechnology Counsel MassConnect Program
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