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Business Meeting
Investors & VC'S

Our team can help accelerate value in your portfolio companies with seasoned part-time experts and cost effective financial services.

Adding Value To Your Portfolio Companies
  • Early Financial Discipline

  • KPI Development / Financial Ratios

  • Professional Dashboards = Efficient Board Presentations & Meetings

  • Consistent Reporting Aligned with Expectations

  • Best Practices & Robust Internal Controls

  • Reporting Continuity Across Your Companies

  • Compliance - GAAP, Payroll, Tax, Annual Reports

  • Minimize Risk & Surprises - up to Date & Accurate Financials

The CFO Dashboard

"Analytics increase visibility, insight, and control over Financial performance."


- Measure & Monitor Business Performance

- Understand Root Causes

- Anticipate & Shape Business Outcomes

- Accurate, timely, trusted information

- More Informed Decision Making 

- Drill-down Capability, Export Data & Reports 

Why Work With Us?
  • Adding Continuity & Visibility across your Portfolio

  • We are Dedicated Specialists in the Startup Ecosystem

  • Seasoned startup experts: CFO's average 20+yrs financial experience

  • Affordable & Cost Effective Value Add for your Companies

  • Discounts for Multiple Portfolio Companies

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