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Helping Startups not only stay afloat but navigate upstream.

A Truly Transformative Advantage for Startups

Accessible. Affordable. Game Changing.

Built for Startups.

CFO for startups

Flexible 'on-demand' expertise, whether it's a handful of hours per month or a few days per week.  We can work with your existing systems, or provide you with a comprehensive back office solution including Systems, Accounting, and HR & Benefits

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"Imagine the impact on your business when you have the ability to do more."

CFO for Startups

Transforming Your Startup

"Being a founder of a fashion company, I will be the first to admit that dealing with numbers is not my strong suit and is something I have put on the backburner for much too long. My CFO from Boston Startup CFO is incredibly knowledgeable, fun to work with and proactive in the approach to our finances. Every time I leave a meeting with my CFO, I feel more at ease about our business plan and actually look forward to building out models for projections. Working with the CFO feels like an extension of the team - he is thoughtful about where the business is going and doesn't just crunch numbers and call it a day. He has great ideas about how to grow our business, how to become more efficient and cut costs."


Christina Fagan, CEO, STIK

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My Channel
Boston Startup CFO - As Much Finance as You Need

Boston Startup CFO - As Much Finance as You Need

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Boston Startup CFO - Transforming Startups

Boston Startup CFO - Transforming Startups

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