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Partner Ecosystem

Gain access to the most impactful services and resources that are predominant to the startup ecosystem.  Partner discounts, seamless integrations, tools for scalable growth.


QuickBooks logo.png

The go-to solution for startups.

Reliable, numerous integrations.

50% Partner Discount.


Basic Payroll to Benefits.

Simple, easy to use, cost effective.

Onboarding, tax compliance.

Partner Discount.

Pay, get paid, manage payments.

A/P, A/R, automations.

Partner Discount.


Manage & automate expenses.

Upload receipts in seconds.

Partner Discount.

Brex Logo.png

Credit Cards for your business.

No personal Guarantee.

Rewards up to 8x of spending & 10,000 starter points.


R&D Tax Credit - up to $250K.

Get cash upfront - under a week.

Partner Discount 25%.

Carta logo.png

Cap Table Management & more.

Free plan for early stage.

Discounts for later stage.


Banking Built for Startups.

Free Checking.

No minimum balance.

Our team will setup your financial software integrations, increasing efficiencies and reducing manual errors.  

We can assist with the optimal vendor selection for your business.

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