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Successful companies have teams that remain laser focused on what they do best.  

And as a founder, your time and capital is precious.  Let us seamlessly manage your Finance and back end functions so you and your team can do what you do best.

Cost Savings to your bottom line:

  • 50% or more savings over traditional Finance

  • No employee turnover or training costs 

  • No backup, support, or security costs 

  • No manual processes = higher productivity

  • Systems - no future integration or switching costs

  • HR/Benefit expert - salary is at least $50K-$75K

Things you can't put a Price on:

  • Funding - more credibility to entice investors.

  • Competitive advantages - outperform your competitors.

  • Opportunity loss - cost of not running/growing your business.

  • Strategy & Planning - short and long term.

  • Equity - why sacrifice precious equity by hiring in Finance? 

  • Scalability - huge cash, time, and resource savings.

HR & Benefits Expertise:

  • Setup and administration for entire benefits plan 

  • Manage healthcare, insurance, 401K plans 

  • Experts available for recruiting, training needs

CFO Guidance:

  • Provides tactical & strategic advantages

  • Ability to navigate between strategy & details 

  • Excellent cost-benefit judgment

  • Provides credibility to investors & board

  • Experience matters - avoid common pitfalls

A truly transformative advantage for startups. Start today with a free consultation. 

Traditional Finance Costs

Traditional Finance
What is the "real" cost of traditional Finance?

Many early stage companies start by hiring a Controller:​

Salary -         $100,000

Bonus -           $20,000

Benefits -        $15,000

Payroll tax -   $10,000

Total          $145,000

Finance Infrastructure / IT:

Server/Cloud -    $5,000

Licenses  -            $3,000

Support  -             $1,000

Security -              $1,000

Total               $10,000

ANNUAL COST: $155,000

Controller Shortfalls:

  • "One-man" show for all accounting & payroll

  • Immersed in day-to-day transactions

  • Manual processes are inefficient

  • Poor financial controls - no checks / balances

  • Lack of strategic experience

  • Lack of HR / benefits management

  • Hiring a Controller will require sacrificing equity

Myth: A Finance department with only one employee is running lean.

This may have been true in the past but business is now learning the value in outsourcing their transactional functions.  Specialized talent is more valuable to CEO's, Investors, and Boards.

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