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The Romans had the foresight to hire specialized Artisans from around the world.

We've taken the same approach to Finance.

The Romans understood the power of specialization.  Seemed to work out OK for them, so we emulated their smarts.

Traditional Finance is simply expensive and outdated, so we're disrupting it.  We specialize in making Startups fiscally successful.  Welcome to the future of Finance.

We're disrupting Finance.
Discover all the benefits to your company.  Start today with a free consultation. 

Expensive, rigid, stodgy.

The Future

Flexible expertise, cost effective.

traditional finance
traditional finance
traditional finance
future of finance
future of finance
future of finance

Why pay the high costs of salary, benefits, training, and turnover?   Infrastructure is also prohibitively expensive to create and maintain.  Software licenses are not only costly, but so is the added time and expense of integrating systems.   

Only pay for the services you need and only when you need them.  Our CFO's are true business partners.  Need systems? Our Transaction Center provides the systems and dedicated experts to manage your accounting, payroll, HR, and benefits.  

transaction center
transaction center

Transaction Center

The Transaction Center is a Cloud based hub that houses and maintains your integrated systems.

It provides countless benefits to your business.

Providing the same competitive advantages as larger firms with ample resources.  You get access to powerful systems at a fraction of the cost of headcount and infrastructure, and without the headaches of integration, customization, management, support, or security.  Obtain continual access to flexible and dedicated experts, only when you need them.  Our Transaction Center is based here in the US.


Access to dedicated experts for Accounting & Payroll and dedicated experts for HR & Benefits.  All your back office tasks are seamlessly managed.

Integrated Systems

All your financial transactions are linked, saving time and effort.  No need to live in Excel - easily generate custom reports.  Pay invoices, approve expense reports and even access your financials in real time.

Secure Document Storage

A secure solution to easily manage and access all your critical documents.  Upload and share your documents for direct entry into our systems, and to share with other team members. 

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