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We enable you to do what you do best. Imagine the impact on your business when you have the ability to do more! 

Familiar Startup Themes


  • I wear too many hats.

  • It's difficult to manage all my tasks.

  • Just not enough hours in the day.

  • Forced to make critical decisions without enough information.

  • Lack of accurate & timely information.

  • Employee salaries are higher than mine.

  • I worry about not having enough cash.

  • Business impacts my personal life.

  • I need more resources to grow.


Sound familiar?  You are not alone.

Whenever you are spending time on other things, you are not growing your business. See how we can help.
Get a Free consultation today.
Let us help Transform your Business
- Get positioned for Access to Capital
- Your Business at a Glance - The CFO Dashboard
- Increase Profitability & Decrease Costs
- Position for Growth & Scaling
- Save valuable Time, Effort, and Resources
- Access to Affordable & Experienced CFO's

"Imagine the impact on your business when you have the ability to do more." 


Part time CFO

Core Services

CFO's On-demand

Our part-time and interim CFO's are flexible experts.  We've been in your shoes and know exactly where to save you precious time, effort, and capital.

What exactly does a CFO do?

The CFO is a trusted business partner and advisor.  Here are some typical deliverables:


  • Funding Readiness

  • Cash flow management

  • Reporting & Business Drivers

  • Stock Comp Management

  • HR & Benefits Oversight

  • Risk Management, Insurance

  • Contract negotiation

  • IPO Prep / Financial Discipline

Back Office Finance

Have a need for accounting, systems, and HR & Benefits? Our US based Transaction Center is a Cloud based hub that is integrated and our hourly rates make it extremely affordable.

Integrated Systems

All transactions are linked, saving time & effort.  Pay invoices, access in real time.

Dedicated Experts

A dedicated expert is provided for Accounting, and a separate expert for HR & Benefits.


The CFO Dashboard

Fully Customizable - Your Business "At a Glance"

Your Executive Online Dashboard

"Analytics increase visibility, insight, and control over Financial performance."

- Measure & Monitor Business Performance

- Understand Root Causes

- Anticipate & Shape Business Outcomes

- Accurate, timely, trusted information

- More Informed Decision Making 

- Drill-down Capability, Export Data & Reports 

- Big Data: Use with any systems, data, or metrics

past view

P&L, Cash Flows, Revenue & Cost Analysis, Variance Analysis

What occurred, how often, how many, complexities?

current view

Profitability, customer/product data, sales effectiveness, working capital analysis, KPI's

Where is the issue, why did it happen, actions needed?

forward looking

Cash forecasting, predictive modeling, scenario-based planning

What happens next, what if trend continues, risks & opportunities?

How a CFO Transforms your Business


  • Managing Cash Flows - forecasting & modeling, cash runway analysis

  • Access to Capital - banking relationships: venture debt, line of credit

  • Fundraising - business plans, financial modeling, pitch decks, investor introductions 

  • Reporting Analysis - create dashboards, critical metrics & big data, board presentations

  • Business Strategy - scaling for growth, planning & competitor analysis

  • Project Profitability & Pricing - understanding breakeven points, ensure profitability

  • Insurance & Risk Management - optimal balance of protection and risk

  • Stock Compensation - best practices, managing cap tables, valuations

  • Control & Governance - fraud prevention, eliminate waste & redundancies

Recent Client "Transformative Wins"

  • Fundraising of $16M for single client - in the news

  • Software security client files for IPO - in the news

  • R&D Tax credit - saved client $200K

  • Venture Debt - $3m raise for client

  • Line of credit - $100K+ for multiple clients

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit - $9,500 savings for 3 employees

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